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Are There any Working RuneScape Bots? how to train after bot nuke day
Published By infohelp on 2012-01-22 619 Views

The question on every players mind, how can I still bot.
There are a few types of bots that work the first is color bot. This responds to the different colors on the screen it is mainly good for mining and other simple training objects. But because so many other bots have been caught the odds of you getting caught go way up. Also most color bots are very buggy and you will have to watch them.

The other two types of bots that work are RID and symba bots. They can be found pretty easily if you google them. But runescape is constantly being updated so make sure you watch for updates because the next bot to get stopped is this.
Finally the bots i have been using are very hard to detect but also extremely simple and not very versatile. These bots are mouse recorders and autoclickers. Mouse recorders, record your mouse movements and will loop one motion over and over. So this is great to use for smelting or power mining iron. Basically i would just sit with this type of bot until other bots are updated. Also an auto clicker is great for alching if you put the noted item in the same box that the spell is.
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RS buddy is dead forever and won’t be back epic bot and power bot could be back next week or next year. They keep pushing back the deadline because jagex keeps updating the botting protection.

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Fblaster says :

Dude, play the game the way it's meant to be played! Bots are ridiculous, and are never nuked enough in my opinion. If you don't enjoy grindind skills, then why are you even playing Runescape? Go pay WoW or something! And as a final note, you use a bot, you are going to be busted. Good luck with that!

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