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Hilarious High School Departure Essay
Published By infohelp on 2012-01-21 96 Views

Considering I will be a CIA agent when your looking back on this in 20 years I have to start with saying, turn the page. You didn’t know me and there is nothing of interest here. I’m just going to fill the page with worthless information so that it looks like I did this assignment. I will start with why I love America; the short answer is California girls. That’s actually the only answer, as a side note west coast girls are unforgettable.

  To look back on Kealing I’d have to say I agree with the perception that in 6th grade your scared to death 7th grade your worked to death and 8th grade your bored to death. And since I’m in eighth grade and bored I’m watching TV right now. But it’s cool I have Ms. Hart so I’ll get an A anyway.


Bunnies are great I genuinely enjoy them and I would like one.

Now I know a lot of you out there have questions like who is that cool guy and why is he drenched and shirtless in the hallways. But you just have to accept that the rumors aren’t true. I am not Banksy, that guy from entourage or Ron Weasley. I am good friends with Flava flav and surprisingly he cannot read “old people” clocks but that is neither he nor there. What I’m trying to say is that after Lost ended my life kind of fell apart.

A far as politics goes I think our generation is blessed to have lived when a president could have such quotes as “I did not have sex with that woman”-Bill Clinton. And “Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?” George W. Bush. I’m going to level with you Austin is pretty elitist, when it’s sober. But that’s ok because we can all just say don’t hate me because I’m beautiful when people tell us were d-bags. 

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